Friday, January 2, 2009

You stay classy CNN

Let me preface this stating that I usually don't watch New Years Eve countdown programs until the last two minutes or so because I find most of them boring unless Greg Gutfeld is on Fox or someone has The Killers on. So I had to wait a few days to find out about the charming way "comedian" Kathy Griffin handled a heckler. By charming I of course mean crass and lame mainly because the joke is prehistoric and it was totally unnecessary. I'm sorry but if you're that thin skinned of a person that you have to respond to every drunken idiot like that then your pretty pathetic and probably not very funny. Now I'm no prude and laugh at a little blue comedy now and then but saying a string of four letter words in order doesn't really count as humor in book neither does telling Jesus to "suck it" after accepting an award (which she did in 2007).
Another thing I find amusing is how some people are offended that CNN would allow such garbage on, um it's CNN it was founded by Ted Turner who's not really a paragon for decency. So am I offended? Sure. Am i tired of trash like this passing for humor? Definitely. Am I shocked? Sadly not so much. Anyway Happy 2009!

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Mel said...

I agree with you that comedy does not need to include lots of nasty words...