Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shame on you New Jersey!

This story came via the Drudge report. Apparently a child who sadly passed away while still at the hospital was thrown away in the garbage! What's most horrific is what the Hudson county prosecutor said concerning this poor child apparently if this baby was stillborn under New Jersey law he is not considered a person! That means that in the eyes of New Jersey law a stillborn child is just a mass of tissue that can be tossed away like any other defective part of the human body. This is disgusting especially considering Barack Obama's views on the value of human life . Also consider the disturbing track Nancy Pelosi is on in her quest to shut House Republicans out.
I will continue to research more on this law and keep up to date on this case. In the mean time please pray for Bashere Davon Moyd and his grieving family as well as those searching for his body in landfills.

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