Friday, January 9, 2009

Sarah Palin: Whiner?

That's the impression you'd get not only from libs but also "conservative" writers like David Frum and his wife Danielle Crittenden. Critteden appeared on last night's O'Reilly and Frum has an article over at National Review Online today. In the article he first defends the McCain handlers assigned to her by simpering Those handlers faced a daunting problem: Their party's nominee for vice president could not respond to questions without embarrassing herself. The handlers who kept Pain under wraps knew what they were doing. THad Palin refused all interviews during the campaign, there would have been some criticism, but it would have been forgotten by now - and the Gibson and Couric interviews would not be filling YouTube, ready to be rebroadcast in 2012. I think the John Ziegler interview proved that Palin is quite capable of handling herself in an interview granted Ziegler is a Palin fan. The "embarrassing herself" line is particularly galling considering the verbal gaffes from both Obama and Biden through out the campaign. I suppose when Obama says 10,000 (as opposed to the actual number of 12) people were killed in a Kansas tornado it comes of as cool and nuanced or some other clap trap nonsense.

Frum continues, A smart politician rebuffs all invitations to speak about his or her own hurt feelings. It's not just that such talk sounds whiny and weak, although it does. Perhaps Frum misinterpreted what Palin was actually saying but last time I checked calling the media out for being biased was an admirable thing. Or in the case of Trig and the rumors about who his own mother is, rumors that were based on anonymous accusations I would think that a journalist such as Frum would applaud people like Palin who call rumor mongers to the carpet for attempting to pass as legitimate news sources. Apparently though Frum and his ilk prefer a conservative who says nothing in the face of lies and smears instead nobly remaining above the fray. Let me clarify by saying we shouldn't get into the mud pit but conservatives should not be afraid to call out a liar a liar. Conservatism works in fact it's amazingly brilliant! So why should we be ashamed to defend it? People like Frum, his wife, and Kathleen Parker would probably prefer we leave politics to "learned" people like themselves as opposed to the unwashed rabble that actually makes up the base of conservatism. There's just one problem they don't understand what they're talking about.

Then there is this absurd accusation Through the 2008 election, Barack Obama repeatedly said "It's not about me. It's about you." Exactly so! But Palin's replies to Ziegler make clear that for her, the election was about her. Are you kidding me!? This whole campaign was about Barack Obama and how cool he is and all his HOPE and CHANGE. The foundation for Obama's campaign was nothing more then dust bunnies and the monsters in the closet and the fact that "conservative" David Frum got sucked into that empty vortex paints a fairly clear picture of where his head is. In fact I can think of several instances of whining from Obama himself the easiest one to site is when he stated that the opposing party would come after him for "having a funny name" or "not looking like the other presidents on the dollar bills" So Frum doesn't mind Obama insinuating that the Republican Party is a bunch of ignorant racists but Sarah Palin stands up for her family and it's unacceptable? Give me a break the fact that Frum is still allowed near NRO is an insult to true conservatism.

Frum should face facts that the strategy of going Democrat light is not the way to go. I may not be a Washington insider but even I can see how every time a Republican has extended a hand in the hopes of bi-partisanship they've returned with nothing but a bloody stump. Sarah Palin knows this is how it works and instead of sacrificing a perfectly good limb she's standing tall like an upright human being and telling the liberals to step off! Perhaps someday Frum will peak out his ivory tower and join us.


Mel said...

i am always amazed at some of the folks who refer to themselves as conservatives...i saw the Factor last night and just kind of shook my head.

Anonymous said...

I agree, she had the right to put down the media over her treatment, but now she has to roll up her sleeves, get past it and get on being the true conservative.

She learns from the lessons and use them!!! Also, I believe that she need to work on her choice of words and the order in which she puts them. I really want her to be strong for the future, and show the Democrats that she is the better person.