Monday, January 12, 2009

The Tale of Two Racist Stories

Sometimes the media double slandered is amazingly obvious even some liberals must notice it. In this case we have two stories both dealing with racism and bigotry. The first and more talked about of course deals with Prince Harry. By now you've either read or seen the video of the good Prince referring to a fellow solider as a "Paki" and another as a "raghead" This story naturally drew the Shock! Horror! and Dismay! of the MSM. Granted after his going as a Nazi for Halloween gaffe a few years ago should have been lesson enough to mind his image. Frankly I don't really have a problem with what he actually said it's fairly tame and the two soldiers didn't seem offended either. He should have had sense enough not to tape it though (didn't Paris Hilton's sex tape teach us anything?) he's 24 and by now should be well aware of his position in the eyes of the world if this tape had leaked out and he was regular old Harry Windsor the public still would have ruffled its feathers but he's not some regular guy he's Prince Harry and although the British monarchy is nothing more than a figurehead his actions can and more than likely will be used by the terrorist to stir up radical Muslims.

Now on to our next story that hasn't gotten any attention from our MSM. With the recent fighting in Gaza the anti-Israel bigots have come out full force in this country and through out many western European countries Mark Steyn has a brilliant piece on this very issue. But have we seen it? Has CNN shown anti-Israel protest in Fort Lauderdale where one protester is yelling "You need to go back to the oven! You need a bigger oven!" ? If they have I haven't seen it and it certainly hasn't gotten the coverage that Prince Harry's comments have. But there's more where we only have two minor blurbs from Prince Harry there are countless anti-Israel anti-Semitic rallies being held throughout America and the world. Ironically many are being held in areas that trumpet their tolerance like this one in San Francisco. Where is the outrage from the MSM when these punks compare Jews to Nazis? Scroll down through the images and you'll see a particularly disgusting caricature of a Hasidic Jew. Where are the headlines of national newspapers decrying this bigotry? Where is the moral outrage?

I admire Prince Harry for fighting along side his fellow soldiers I just hope he becomes a bit more tactful in the future but at least when he's taping himself he's not hiding behind a head covering like the anti-Israel anti-Semitic bigots.

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