Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Today I'll be brief. My thoughts today were inspired by recent comments made by funny guy and atheist Penn Jillette . What struck me was when he asked how much do you have to hate a person not to care about their soul? It struck me because this is often a time of year when we are moved to witness more then usual. It's also a time of year when we are most under attack for our views. We can easily be frustrated sometimes by those who choose not to believe in Christ for whatever reason sometimes we can get down right angry at them I know I do. Personally it's hard for me sometimes to look at people in my own life or celebrities who clearly just don't get it and not want to give up on them. Yet I don't hate them and while they might frustrate me at times by there actions they're still a brother or sister in Christ and I'm just as flawed as they are.
So I guess when you sit in church and hear the Christmas story told again we have to remember that He came for all of us because we're all in need of salvation. Again I don't want too run long on this but I guess the message I'd really like to share today is when you pray pray for those who have yet to find Christ pray for those who are the most militant against Christ (it could be someone you know or someone famous) but pray for them nonetheless because the joy we feel today should be felt by all even if at this very moment they are working to destroy that joy. Don't let that joy be over come by hate or frustration. So God bless you and your families today and enjoy this Christmas time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Political DNA

There once was a time when former mayor of New York City Ed Koch had a few grains of sense but in lieu of the political coming out party of Caroline Kennedy has lost them. Quote the good mayor "When you look at her, and you know what the Kennedy's are capable of and you know the family she comes from … think of the DNA." Somewhere the words strength of character are enduring a slow painful death. Does Koch really want talk about Kennedy DNA? Where would one start? Murder? Rape? Alcoholism? And let's not forget Grandpa Joe's Nazi sympathies. It's a sad thing when your womanizing father is considered the decent one of the family.
Of course we have the assurance from the Left that Uncle Teddy will be there the guide Caroline through the Senate. Hopefully they won't be driving over any bridges. The memory of Mary Jo Kopechne isn't the only thing that haunts Ted Kennedy. This is a guy who twice was expelled from Harvard for cheating (nothing that Joe Kennedy couldn't fix though). Kennedy also failed to win the Democratic party nomination for president. Losing against Jimmy Carter that means the majority of Democrats felt that Jimmy Carter had a better chance against Ronald Reagan.
Liberals of course call foul. They say you can't judge Caroline on her family and their moral mistakes you have to look at her personal accomplishments. Indeed we do and I agree because this is America not some stodgy European country that answers to an archaic class system of nobility and entitlement. And this is where the liberals get caught in their own hypocrisy (not that hard to do mind you) because they created the "Kennedy Mystique" they want an American royal family to obsess about like they do in England but that's not what America is about because that's what America fought against. Yes, there are influential names on both major parties but that doesn't ensure political success and it never should. I'm not naive enough to think that nepotism isn't apart of American politics but that doesn't mean that we have to take it every single time. Some New York Democrats have already voiced their displeasure with the assumed coronation of Caroline Kennedy granted they probably have political designs of their own but at least their saying let's slow this train down before we start basing everything on pedigree and name.
And keep this in mind liberal media if Caroline Kennedy wife, mother, and concerned citizen can make the Senate then Gov. Sarah Palin wife, mother, and concerned citizen can damn well run against your Secular Savior in 2012 and win.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blago, Corruption, Obama, and other observations

Several reoccurring thoughts on this whole Blagoevich scandal. Aside from the fact that the media is fiening surprise over this whole thing (What's that you say, corruption? In the state where Obama's political career got started? Huh, imagine that.) What's most amusing and kind of pathetic are the mental acrobatics the MSM is doing in order to keep the One hoisted above this whole mess free of any suspicion. See, I just don't how even someone as bright and clean as Obama could immerse themselves in the Chicago political world benefit from it and not come out of it with some baggage call me cynical or just ask David Axelrod. Unlike some people who get into politics because they see corruption in their government and want to get rid of it and say put it back on the side of the people (i.e. Sarah Palin) Obama got into politics to play that very game.
Which brings me to my next point, the righteous indignation of anyone in the Obama camp who has connections to the now much maligned "Chicago Way." Take Rahm "sleeps with fishes" Emmanuel. This is a guy who when reading of a list of "traitors" to the Clinton's stabbed a steak knife into a table saying "Dead!" after reading each name. Clearly he's no wilting flower and yet he's been avoiding the media like the plague and frankly it's only making things worse. What did Emmanuel say to Blagoevich in their six conversations that are now conveniently on FBI wiretaps. Could it be about who will take over Emmanuels vacated position in House due to his new appointment as Obama's Chief of Staff? Or was he pressuring the Governor to toe the line on who Obama wanted to take over his Senate seat? Or were they simply exchanging hair care tips? No one knows and the point is in this new transparent world that Obama promised we should know! But like many of Obama's promises I'm not holding my breath on this one being filled because as many of his followers are finally figuring out he's a politician not the secular savior they'd been pining for.
Finally, there's Governor Blagoevich himself the guy is clearly scum and will likely becomae a poster child for government corruption. You know you have a problem when your sanity is even being questioned by Keith Olbermann but it is amazing how that seems to be the chosen line of reasoning for Blago's behavior. Frankly I don't think he's anywhere near insane just a product of his environment but unlike other Chicago style politicians he got way to cocky and was caught. David Freddoso at National Review has an excellent take on Blago's arrogance and it's reflection on Obama. Sadly,America has made her bed and is only realizing now who she chose to go to bed with not that she had much of a choice to begin with. My final question would be is in light of all of this when will character come back? When will who we choose to hang out with again be seen as a reflection of ourselves? We saw what happens when we ignore the lack of character in a president (Bill Clinton) and unfortunately we're about to find out again. As long as there are people like Sarah Palin willing to tread the toxic waters of government and still maintain their character there is hope but they need our support and vigilance so the sharks don't eat them alive.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Auto Bailout Aftermath and what Ohio politicians did

In these early morning hours America and breath a brief sigh of relief as the Senate was able to kill the UAW Bailout (much to the chagrin of Chris Dodd and his fellow socialists). I'd like to focus this post primarily on what my home state Ohio did and did not do but Michelle Malkin has a complete list of those Senate and House Republicans that stood up and voted against the bailout and those who caved.
As for Ohio the out of the 13 Republicans three caved and voted for the bailout in the House it was Ralph Regula (regrettably he represents my district) who is outgoing and to be replaced by Democrat John Bocceri . Voting along with Regula was Rep. Steve LaTourette who represents the 14th District of Ohio (this encompasses the northern tip of Ohio). LaTourette is a memeber of the moderate and socially liberal Republican group Republican Main Street Partnership (oddly enough they claim to be fiscally conservative so I can't imagine why some of their members voted for the bailout). LaTourette won re-election this past cycle and I implore all in the 14th District to give Steve a ring and remind him what socialism is and why we don't want it.
In the Senate George "Kleenex" Voinovich voted for the bailout as well. He should expect a call from all of us reminding him that votes like this along with his past antics put his 2010 re-election on shaky ground. That's not to say I want to see a Democrat win, Sherrod Brown is enough, but a formidable candidate who stands on conservative values needs to be found to set up a primary.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

God and America

Many of you are probably aware of the controversy in the Washington state capital of Olympia.
I cringed a bit as the atheist plaque was read off but it was the last portion that really stuck in my craw "Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds" Excuse me? Typical of a tolerant lib to denigrate that which they do not understand. You don't want to believe in God? That's your choice ( a sad one and I pray for a change of heart) but don't tell me that my beliefs are baseless with an insidious agenda. This of course is all defended by the smug little argument about separation of church and state or as the Freedom From Religion Foundation's co-president, Dan Barker puts it "we claim our place at the table to exercise free speech and freedom of religion, which includes freedom from religion" This is a gross misinterpretation of the First Amendment. You see even though our founding fathers held differing views on religion (some were Christian, others agnostic, and of course there was Thomas Jefferson) they knew that this country was divinely inspired and no honest historian can deny the Judeo-Christian foundations upon which America was founded upon. They wanted to protect us from a theocracy not faith. Although I'm sure they envisioned that there would be snakes in the grass along the way who would try to tear these principles down they couldn't have imagined the present day onslaught we face today.
It's becoming clearer to me how intertwined God is with America. In God we trust is our country's motto, He's mentioned in our founding documents and acknowledged by many of our great leaders. Faith in anything unseen is intimidating to many and yet the majority of this nation has faith (Christian, Jewish, and others) that there is someone out there looking out for us and most of those people go about there daily lives not bothering anyone else just living out there faith. We witness to our faith and many do it without frothing at the moth and banging none believers over the head with a Bible.
Yet there are those who seek to destroy God and in doing so destroy America. I know that might sound a bit extreme to some but what happens to something when the foundation is gone? Liberals can gloss over the influence of God in this country all they want but the connection cannot be denied. They won't give up though and neither will we. Even when it appears that God has been driven away He is still there. I'm reminded of a story about Poland when it was under the the rule of communist and godless Russia. The communist had done everything they could to destroy the faith of the Polish. Nowa Hutta, Poland was established during the 1950's as a model for communist living a "workers paradise" this of course meant that there would be no church but even communism and it's brutality could not keep the people from gathering for Mass wherever they could sometimes in the open air. At a time when many lived in fear of a war with Russia these people stood defiant for as priests from Krakow led the mass and celebrated Christ. One of those priests campaigned tirelessly for a church to be built and eventually one was , the Church of Our Lady Queen of Poland. The priest went on to become Pope John Paul II and along with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher become one of communism's staunches opponents.
It amazes me at how I'm constantly told by liberals "If you don't like it then shut the (Fill in the blank) up!" Yet gay rights advocates can invade a church service and shove their views down people's throats because a fair and democratic vote didn't go their way. No, I'm supposed to sit and take it while the values and morals I treasure and believe are the foundation of this country are desecrated on a daily basis. My Dad has often referred to us as the "silent majority" we live our lives, raise our families, help our friends, and try to do the best we can. Yet the things we believe make this country great are constantly under attack and we are faced now with a president who is on their side. What can we do? Pray. Pray that we are not ruled by hate. Live our faith the way we always have but now more then ever we must be on our guard against those who wish to destroy our country's foundation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cure yet to be found for Rabid Bush Hatred

After running one of the greatest propaganda movements outside of Nazi Germany there is still great unrest in the MSM. Apparently even the election of their anointed one has done little to quell their lunacy. I suppose so long as President Bush remains at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue they'll continue to bay at the moon and froth at the mouth. Take Chris Matthews who recently called for President Bush to resign early so Obama can get a head start on his presidency. I guess things like civility, precedent, and even the Constitution can be steam rolled in their anticipation for the Obama inauguration.
Even good liberal lunes like Nancy Pelosi aren't immune to the Obama express. Detroit Free Press writer Rochelle Riley claims that the only way the "ineffective" Pelosi can redeem herself by starting immediate impeachment proceedings after all much of the groundwork has already been laid by Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich "the bravest member of Congress" If not for the sake of the economy opines Riley then for the pardons that would be issued by Bush. Riley conveniently forgets the truly criminal pardons of Frank Rich, the 16 members of the terrorist FALN group, and other cronies of the Clinton Administration ironically overseen by Obama pick for Attorney General Eric Holder. It's a pretty rabid piece all that's missing really is the obligatory picture of Bush with horns coming out of his head.
The fantasy is taken one step further by New york Times writer Gail Collins dreams of both Bush and Cheney stepping down to allow for, deep breath, President Pelosi to take over until January 20. Collins gushes "Obviously, she’d defer to her party’s incoming chief executive, and Barack Obama could begin governing. As a bonus, the Pelosi presidency would put a woman in the White House this year after all." The only bright spot in this scenario for me would seeing Hillary Clinton's head exploding as Pelosi took the Oath of Office (Seriously I'm surprised she managed to campaigne even half heartedly for Obama)
Collins continues "Can I see a show of hands? How many people want George W. out and Barack in? A great many Americans have been counting the days all year on their 2008 George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown calendars." This is actually an amusing quote if you picture Collins saying it to a room full of stuffed animals as nice men in white coats look on. It also goes to show how few people are reading the NYT (shock). The Bush calanders really don't surprise me that much. After all since liberals don't celebrate Christmas they have to have something to look forward to in their sad dreary lives.

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Friday, November 21, 2008


Hello! Welcome to my humble blog. Like many conservatives I woke up kind of sick on Novemeber 5th but fortunatly it didn't last long and like many conservatives I have been inspired by Sarah Palin to take back America.
The Conservative movement is not dead! We face the challenge of taking the Republican party back from the brink of Democrat Lite. In my own state of Ohio we face the fight to turn Ohio red in 2010. So please read tell your friends, comment, share, and together 2010, 2012, and beyond will be banner years for Conservatism!