Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Mama Grizzly ain't happy

There is a new Sarah Palin interview out from John Ziegler of How Obama got elected fame. It's such a blast to watch her because she is so genuine and I just wish McCain's people would have removed their heads from their own rectums and let her be Sarah. I loved her Mama Grizzly moment because don't we all feel that way when a family member is experiencing hard times? She's a real woman and if in 22 years when I'm her age I will have considered myself truley blessed if I've lived a life anywhere near hers. When she was talking about the smears about herself and Trig I felt myself getting emotional as well because this is something that decent people should never have to put up with and love how she went after the media for Obama's request to "leave his family alone" but didn't hesitate to report every sordid lie that came out about her family especially from that bile factory the Daily Kos. Also she sums up Keith Olbermann perfectly "That guy is evil!" Olbaermann had better hope that the human restraint exercised by Sarah never breaks or he'll be at the mercy of one p.o.'ed Mama Grizzly (not that I don't entertain the thought on occasion). I don't pretend to know what 2012 is going to look like and whether Sarah will run then but I do believe that this interview is but a taste of the real Sarah and if the libs aren't wetting themselves yet they soon will be.

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