Friday, February 6, 2009

Fairness:Liberal style

Yesterday in a radio interview with Bill Press Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822) had this to say about bring back the Fairness Docterine, "I think it's time to bring accountability to the airwaves. I mean our new president has talked about accountability and transparency. You know, that we all have to stepup and be responsible. And, I think in this case, there needs to be some accountability and standards put in place."

OK fine I'm all for transparency so let's add some clarity to this. First of all Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822) is married to Tom Athans who has held key positions at three liberal companies that tried to field liberal radio talk. The first was Democracy Radio which he co-founded and was the CEO until it fizzled out after three years. He then went on to that great leviathan of liberal failure Air America which is now bankrupt and for the past three years he's been the CEO of Talk USA Radio who's station OBAMA 1260 recently shut down. So one could say that Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822) has a vested interest in the success of liberal talk radio. You probably also noticed two patterns that Athans seems to be the kiss of death at any company he comes to and that no matter how much money you pump into something and how much hype it gets if the public doesn't like the product it will fail, huh that's kind of this pile of lard stimulus package the more the public knows about it the less they like it perhaps Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822) and the rest of the Senate should take not of that. Probably not though because they have this silly notion that they know more than the people who will actually be paying for this but anyway back to Senator Debbie Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822)

The best part is her line about how Obama has called for "transparency and accountability." Huh, well if those things were really important to Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822) then why oh why did she vote to confirm the tax-cheat Timothy Geithner? Where's the accountability there? Well it was an honest mistake, oh please if you or I had tried to get away with what he did we'd be in jail. When the tax cheat Tom Daschel dropped out as Obama's nominee for Head of Health and Human Services Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822) lamented this saying "I'm very sorry that that happened. He's a great leader and would have made a real difference in health care." What are you sorry about Debbie? Are you sorry that he resigned in a cloud of shame or that he got caught? And I'm sick and tired of this "We'll he's the best candidate for the job" line B.S.! There are other more qualified people out there and America deserves better then to have a bunch of tax cheats and liars leading us, there are plenty of them there and they should be voted out because America can do better.

The problem is that Stabenow (call her at 202-224-4822) and the rest of her liberal colleagues don't understand the free market. People will buy, support, listen to what they want not what the government tells them to. Talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh are successful because they are informative, entertaining, and on point. If people believed in liberal policies and wanted to hear them trumpeted every day Keith Olbermann(the antithesis of accountability) would have 20 million viewers a day and MSNBC would be the most watched network but people don't which is why Rush has 20 million listeners and Olbermann has been finishing a distant second or third in the his 8 o'clock time slot. In fact the least watched program on Fox News Channel has more viewers than the most watched show on MSNBC.

You might have noticed that I'd like you to call Debbie Stabenow and even if you don't live in Michigan I'd still encourage you to give her a call because she wants to silence at least half the country by destroying talk radio as we know it and perhaps Debbie would do well to actually listen to the people of America before threatening the First amendment. So give her a call at 202-224-4822.

Oh and as a final note Bill Press is a flaming liberal so it isn't as though the left has no voice on the radio.