Friday, December 19, 2008

Political DNA

There once was a time when former mayor of New York City Ed Koch had a few grains of sense but in lieu of the political coming out party of Caroline Kennedy has lost them. Quote the good mayor "When you look at her, and you know what the Kennedy's are capable of and you know the family she comes from … think of the DNA." Somewhere the words strength of character are enduring a slow painful death. Does Koch really want talk about Kennedy DNA? Where would one start? Murder? Rape? Alcoholism? And let's not forget Grandpa Joe's Nazi sympathies. It's a sad thing when your womanizing father is considered the decent one of the family.
Of course we have the assurance from the Left that Uncle Teddy will be there the guide Caroline through the Senate. Hopefully they won't be driving over any bridges. The memory of Mary Jo Kopechne isn't the only thing that haunts Ted Kennedy. This is a guy who twice was expelled from Harvard for cheating (nothing that Joe Kennedy couldn't fix though). Kennedy also failed to win the Democratic party nomination for president. Losing against Jimmy Carter that means the majority of Democrats felt that Jimmy Carter had a better chance against Ronald Reagan.
Liberals of course call foul. They say you can't judge Caroline on her family and their moral mistakes you have to look at her personal accomplishments. Indeed we do and I agree because this is America not some stodgy European country that answers to an archaic class system of nobility and entitlement. And this is where the liberals get caught in their own hypocrisy (not that hard to do mind you) because they created the "Kennedy Mystique" they want an American royal family to obsess about like they do in England but that's not what America is about because that's what America fought against. Yes, there are influential names on both major parties but that doesn't ensure political success and it never should. I'm not naive enough to think that nepotism isn't apart of American politics but that doesn't mean that we have to take it every single time. Some New York Democrats have already voiced their displeasure with the assumed coronation of Caroline Kennedy granted they probably have political designs of their own but at least their saying let's slow this train down before we start basing everything on pedigree and name.
And keep this in mind liberal media if Caroline Kennedy wife, mother, and concerned citizen can make the Senate then Gov. Sarah Palin wife, mother, and concerned citizen can damn well run against your Secular Savior in 2012 and win.

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Mel said...

I don't get the whole Kennedy mystique this is a family that bad things happen to and around.