Thursday, December 11, 2008

Auto Bailout Aftermath and what Ohio politicians did

In these early morning hours America and breath a brief sigh of relief as the Senate was able to kill the UAW Bailout (much to the chagrin of Chris Dodd and his fellow socialists). I'd like to focus this post primarily on what my home state Ohio did and did not do but Michelle Malkin has a complete list of those Senate and House Republicans that stood up and voted against the bailout and those who caved.
As for Ohio the out of the 13 Republicans three caved and voted for the bailout in the House it was Ralph Regula (regrettably he represents my district) who is outgoing and to be replaced by Democrat John Bocceri . Voting along with Regula was Rep. Steve LaTourette who represents the 14th District of Ohio (this encompasses the northern tip of Ohio). LaTourette is a memeber of the moderate and socially liberal Republican group Republican Main Street Partnership (oddly enough they claim to be fiscally conservative so I can't imagine why some of their members voted for the bailout). LaTourette won re-election this past cycle and I implore all in the 14th District to give Steve a ring and remind him what socialism is and why we don't want it.
In the Senate George "Kleenex" Voinovich voted for the bailout as well. He should expect a call from all of us reminding him that votes like this along with his past antics put his 2010 re-election on shaky ground. That's not to say I want to see a Democrat win, Sherrod Brown is enough, but a formidable candidate who stands on conservative values needs to be found to set up a primary.

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