Thursday, December 4, 2008

God and America

Many of you are probably aware of the controversy in the Washington state capital of Olympia.
I cringed a bit as the atheist plaque was read off but it was the last portion that really stuck in my craw "Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds" Excuse me? Typical of a tolerant lib to denigrate that which they do not understand. You don't want to believe in God? That's your choice ( a sad one and I pray for a change of heart) but don't tell me that my beliefs are baseless with an insidious agenda. This of course is all defended by the smug little argument about separation of church and state or as the Freedom From Religion Foundation's co-president, Dan Barker puts it "we claim our place at the table to exercise free speech and freedom of religion, which includes freedom from religion" This is a gross misinterpretation of the First Amendment. You see even though our founding fathers held differing views on religion (some were Christian, others agnostic, and of course there was Thomas Jefferson) they knew that this country was divinely inspired and no honest historian can deny the Judeo-Christian foundations upon which America was founded upon. They wanted to protect us from a theocracy not faith. Although I'm sure they envisioned that there would be snakes in the grass along the way who would try to tear these principles down they couldn't have imagined the present day onslaught we face today.
It's becoming clearer to me how intertwined God is with America. In God we trust is our country's motto, He's mentioned in our founding documents and acknowledged by many of our great leaders. Faith in anything unseen is intimidating to many and yet the majority of this nation has faith (Christian, Jewish, and others) that there is someone out there looking out for us and most of those people go about there daily lives not bothering anyone else just living out there faith. We witness to our faith and many do it without frothing at the moth and banging none believers over the head with a Bible.
Yet there are those who seek to destroy God and in doing so destroy America. I know that might sound a bit extreme to some but what happens to something when the foundation is gone? Liberals can gloss over the influence of God in this country all they want but the connection cannot be denied. They won't give up though and neither will we. Even when it appears that God has been driven away He is still there. I'm reminded of a story about Poland when it was under the the rule of communist and godless Russia. The communist had done everything they could to destroy the faith of the Polish. Nowa Hutta, Poland was established during the 1950's as a model for communist living a "workers paradise" this of course meant that there would be no church but even communism and it's brutality could not keep the people from gathering for Mass wherever they could sometimes in the open air. At a time when many lived in fear of a war with Russia these people stood defiant for as priests from Krakow led the mass and celebrated Christ. One of those priests campaigned tirelessly for a church to be built and eventually one was , the Church of Our Lady Queen of Poland. The priest went on to become Pope John Paul II and along with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher become one of communism's staunches opponents.
It amazes me at how I'm constantly told by liberals "If you don't like it then shut the (Fill in the blank) up!" Yet gay rights advocates can invade a church service and shove their views down people's throats because a fair and democratic vote didn't go their way. No, I'm supposed to sit and take it while the values and morals I treasure and believe are the foundation of this country are desecrated on a daily basis. My Dad has often referred to us as the "silent majority" we live our lives, raise our families, help our friends, and try to do the best we can. Yet the things we believe make this country great are constantly under attack and we are faced now with a president who is on their side. What can we do? Pray. Pray that we are not ruled by hate. Live our faith the way we always have but now more then ever we must be on our guard against those who wish to destroy our country's foundation.