Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Today I'll be brief. My thoughts today were inspired by recent comments made by funny guy and atheist Penn Jillette . What struck me was when he asked how much do you have to hate a person not to care about their soul? It struck me because this is often a time of year when we are moved to witness more then usual. It's also a time of year when we are most under attack for our views. We can easily be frustrated sometimes by those who choose not to believe in Christ for whatever reason sometimes we can get down right angry at them I know I do. Personally it's hard for me sometimes to look at people in my own life or celebrities who clearly just don't get it and not want to give up on them. Yet I don't hate them and while they might frustrate me at times by there actions they're still a brother or sister in Christ and I'm just as flawed as they are.
So I guess when you sit in church and hear the Christmas story told again we have to remember that He came for all of us because we're all in need of salvation. Again I don't want too run long on this but I guess the message I'd really like to share today is when you pray pray for those who have yet to find Christ pray for those who are the most militant against Christ (it could be someone you know or someone famous) but pray for them nonetheless because the joy we feel today should be felt by all even if at this very moment they are working to destroy that joy. Don't let that joy be over come by hate or frustration. So God bless you and your families today and enjoy this Christmas time.

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