Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blago, Corruption, Obama, and other observations

Several reoccurring thoughts on this whole Blagoevich scandal. Aside from the fact that the media is fiening surprise over this whole thing (What's that you say, corruption? In the state where Obama's political career got started? Huh, imagine that.) What's most amusing and kind of pathetic are the mental acrobatics the MSM is doing in order to keep the One hoisted above this whole mess free of any suspicion. See, I just don't how even someone as bright and clean as Obama could immerse themselves in the Chicago political world benefit from it and not come out of it with some baggage call me cynical or just ask David Axelrod. Unlike some people who get into politics because they see corruption in their government and want to get rid of it and say put it back on the side of the people (i.e. Sarah Palin) Obama got into politics to play that very game.
Which brings me to my next point, the righteous indignation of anyone in the Obama camp who has connections to the now much maligned "Chicago Way." Take Rahm "sleeps with fishes" Emmanuel. This is a guy who when reading of a list of "traitors" to the Clinton's stabbed a steak knife into a table saying "Dead!" after reading each name. Clearly he's no wilting flower and yet he's been avoiding the media like the plague and frankly it's only making things worse. What did Emmanuel say to Blagoevich in their six conversations that are now conveniently on FBI wiretaps. Could it be about who will take over Emmanuels vacated position in House due to his new appointment as Obama's Chief of Staff? Or was he pressuring the Governor to toe the line on who Obama wanted to take over his Senate seat? Or were they simply exchanging hair care tips? No one knows and the point is in this new transparent world that Obama promised we should know! But like many of Obama's promises I'm not holding my breath on this one being filled because as many of his followers are finally figuring out he's a politician not the secular savior they'd been pining for.
Finally, there's Governor Blagoevich himself the guy is clearly scum and will likely becomae a poster child for government corruption. You know you have a problem when your sanity is even being questioned by Keith Olbermann but it is amazing how that seems to be the chosen line of reasoning for Blago's behavior. Frankly I don't think he's anywhere near insane just a product of his environment but unlike other Chicago style politicians he got way to cocky and was caught. David Freddoso at National Review has an excellent take on Blago's arrogance and it's reflection on Obama. Sadly,America has made her bed and is only realizing now who she chose to go to bed with not that she had much of a choice to begin with. My final question would be is in light of all of this when will character come back? When will who we choose to hang out with again be seen as a reflection of ourselves? We saw what happens when we ignore the lack of character in a president (Bill Clinton) and unfortunately we're about to find out again. As long as there are people like Sarah Palin willing to tread the toxic waters of government and still maintain their character there is hope but they need our support and vigilance so the sharks don't eat them alive.

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Anonymous said...

I like the fact that one of the media outlets called, "Blago a victim of history"...yeah right, a history of corrupt politics.